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Perfect Pitch: Evolution.

The original story-boarding solution for Keynote evolves for '08 with a leaner, massively streamlined architecture, expanded masters and iOS optimizations for eye-popping pitches on the go.

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Make Keynote an indispensable part of your production workflow with PitchBoards '08: the easiest way to assemble great-looking, professional-grade pitches and story-board presentations.

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What's Your Format?
PitchBoards provides you with masters for all the popular film and video aspect ratios. 6-up "Scene Slide" Masters (4-up for cinematic aspect ratios) break down an entire scene on a single slide.


PitchBoards for Keynote is the solution for film and video artists in need of a solid, professional-grade presentation platform for pitch meetings, story-board presentations, or any presentation where your ideas need to take center stage. PitchBoards '08 builds on the traditions of the previous releases with extensive architectural evolutions for Keynote '08, along with a host of new slide variations, integrated Supporting Text and Supplemental Layouts, along with an all-new mobile options for presenters on the go.

Designed with film & video pros in mind, PitchBoards '08 is the essence of a professional Keynote theme. Subtle coloration and shadows bring your imagery - from scanned sketches or digital mockups to full-blown rendered animatics - to the forefront of your presentation with complete consistency and clarity, with the supporting framework in place to make adding in narrative or descriptive elements a click-to-type process. The general-purpose slides provide you with the standard-fare presentation layouts as well, giving you the flexibility to create "non-board" sequences or sections as you need to.

What's New for '08.

The shift to the new iWork '08 architecture set the stage for the most extensive rebuild of PitchBoards to date. The masking layers of Keynote 1.x-3.x era themes give way to modern photo-object placeholders, making it easier than ever to drag your imagery onto a slide and have it take on the target aspect ratio in a single step. Or, for the first time, shift the placement or size of your imagery on the PitchBoard slide at will. Thanks to the extended slide-level text and media placeholder support in iWork '08, the entire Supplemental Slides library of previous editions has been integrated directly into the theme - pushing the Pro Edition theme to a massive 78 master slides - with every slide-level text item already in place on Board Style slides, ready to click to edit without a round-trip to the Supplemental references file. And through this evolution, PitchBoards '08 became a leaner, more streamlined theme package, dramatically reducing filesizes while increasing functionality: the PitchBoards '08 Pro Edition theme package download is a mere 17.6MB, compared to 112MB for the same Version 3 file.

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We're Flexible.
The classic PitchBoards flexibility, now more flexible: extended slides and descriptor text objects, once paste-in Supplementals, are now incorporated directly into the theme, with placeholder text objects already in place throughout all the Board-Style slides.


The Slides

PitchBoards '08 includes up to 78 Master Slides (Pro Editions) - "Board" layouts including the most popular aspect ratios for both film and video in a variety of layout styles, along with general-purpose text and photo-oriented "Standard" slides. Each included aspect ratio has an associated Title Screen master, Photo layout Master, Scene Slide Master and 3 styles of Story-board layouts (4 in HD) including 2-up board-style layouts and 2/3 Column Slides (HD), along with 2-up and 6-up Character/Bio layouts and reflection-optimized board-style slides that aren't aspect-ratio tied. The Pro version is immense, covering the 4:3, 3:2, 16:9, 1.85:1, 2.35:1 and IMAX aspect ratios. If your needs aren't as diverse, the Standard version provides you with the classic Television/DV aspect ratios of 4:3, 3:2 and 16:9. Each board is ready to go - just drop in your imagery, scale or move to your liking, and edit the pre-placed placeholder text as needed.

HD Preview

The Big Picture: PitchBoards '08 HD.

PitchBoards '08 HD, available exclusively in the PitchBoards '08 Pro Edition, expands the style into HD format with aspect-optimized widescreen versions of the PitchBoards '08 design, so you can take advantage of the clean simplicity of the new iMac, a MacPro-driven Cinema Display, or a next-generation HD projection system as target presentation platforms without the "dead space" associated with running traditional 4:3 presentations on an HD display. Even run full screen on your new MacBook Pro to take full advantage of every inch of the remarkable display. Your presentation will look like it was custom-tailored for your machine.

PitchBoards '08 playback in Keynote for iPad

Take it on the Run

Can't imagine leaving your favorite portable device out of your work-flow? The PitchBoards '08 1.1 themes are fully compatible with Keynote for iOS(*version 1.7 or higher), so you can transfer your presentation using the PitchBoards or PitchBoards Pro theme to your iPad or iPhone for playback or editing with no updates or special workarounds required. And the PitchBoards '08 themes are also iOS Quick-Launch enabled,so you can launch a new presentation directly onto your mobile device from your KeynotePro Account to author presentations on the go (internet connection required). Keynote for iPad is a beautiful way to engage your audience in a tactile way, and the PitchBoards style remains just as stunning at arm's length as it is projected on the big screen.

Final Draft AV Integration

Final Draft AVPitchBoards '08 is fully compatible with Keynote presentations exported from Final Draft AV, giving you a complete pre-production solution for scripting and story-boarding. The combination of Final Draft AV and Pitchboards using the eye-popping graphic capabilities of Apple's Keynote software gives professionals all the tools they need to take their ideas to market.

Final Draft AV enables you to write dual column scripts easily, without the need for complex tables or extensive re-formatting. Columns stay aligned as scenes/shots are added, edited, inserted or deleted. It also includes a customizable header and footer, a full-featured spell-checker and thesaurus, import and export capabilities with other word processors as well as 100% cross-platform compatibility.

Simply create your script in Final Draft AV (version 2.05 or higher required), export to Keynote, select one of the PitchBoards themes, and bring your script to life by adding photos, audio tracks, or video. Then, present your new story-boarded script in Keynote, or export to Quicktime or PDF for further distribution. Advertising creatives, documentary producers, DV and industrial filmmakers, news and speechwriters who have had to struggle with the rigors of using standard word processors and graphics programs to create and present professional-looking audio-video scripts now have an easy-to-use pre-production solution to match their creative standards.

Supplemental Material

The PitchBoards '08 Supplemental Materials file includes the PitchBoards palette/fills for easy access, as well as Zoom Overlay Objects, which allow you to mark Zoom-In or Zoom-Out camera tracks directly on your slides. The Zoom Overlays are provided in both opaque white and two shades of gray in each of the available aspect ratios, so you can pick the right zoom based on your format and color needs with Copy & Paste ease. Aspect Ratio Overlay Objects allow you to lock your free-placed imagery to an aspect-ratio of your choice via a quick Mask with Shape process - especially useful on the Reflection-optimized slides. We've also provided a sample slide that shows you how to create easy shot-level focus on Scene Slides: a ready-to-disect example of the power of simple Automated Builds available in Keynote '08.

Only With Keynote

Thanks to the power of Keynote, PitchBoards are more than your ordinary story-board. Need to change your pitch from a Television Pilot to a Feature Film on the cab ride across town? Simply swap masters: if an element in question exists on the slide you're switching to, Keynote will handle the scaling, shifting and resizing of the elements on the slide for you in a simple click. Want to add more life to your stills? Drop in some background music to add a little atmosphere, or add a Smart Build Shuffle or Turntable effect to a single-image Board Style slide to step through a scene on a single slide without showing all of your shots at once. Even export your entire presentation to PDF or print high-quality, full-color or ink-friendly layouts for leave-behinds. It's easy every step of the way, and wrapped in a professional-grade look that'll get you noticed the first time you take the floor.

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Follow the Tree.
Each section of the Supplemental materials file includes objects for each available Aspect Ratio in your theme, along with usage tips to help you integrate them into your own presentation with ease.

View Master Slides View Master Slides.
View the available Master Slides for the Pitchboards '08 Edition Themes.
VR View QT preview Pitchboards '08 in Action.
View a sample Pitchboards '08 presentation in Quicktime.
VR Requirements Requirements.
Pitchboards '08 requires iWork '08 (Keynote 4.0) or higher, and the Stone Sans/Geeza Pro font face.

All photos shown for demonstration purposes only. iWork, Keynote, Mac, iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad and the Apple logo are trademarked properties of Apple Inc.

Pitchboards '08

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Pitchboards '08 Master Slides


Pitchboards '08 in Action.


PitchBoards '08


Compatibility at a Glance:

Keynote '09 Compatible Keynote 6 Compatible Keynote for iOS, Keynote for iCloud  Compatible
Keynote '09 Keynote 6.x iOS/iCloud


Which version is right for you?
PitchBoards '08 comes in 2 Editions: a light Standard Edition - containing everything you need to prepare your storyboards in 4:3, 3:2 or 16:9 format, and the Pro Edition which also contains extended master slide options for cinematic ratios (1.85:1, 2.35:1 and IMAX aspect ratios) in standard and HD theme sizes, giving you the ultimate in flexibility.


Select Theme Options:

Standard Edition

Standard Edition
Standard Definition (SD) Theme Files w/ 4:3, 3:2 and 16:9 Masters


Add Pro Edition
Add High-Definition / Widescreen (HD) Theme Files, 1.85:1, 2.35:1 and IMAX Masters (SD/HD)


Also available for Pitchboards:


Standard Edition

PitchBoards '08 Standard Theme
Standard Definition (SD) theme w/ 4:3, 3:2 and 16:9 Masters, Supplemental slides containing Zoom and Aspect Ratio overlay objects, and "Getting Started" guide. Keynote '08 (4.x) or higher Required

23.9 MB Theme Download


Build A Bundle

Add this theme to a Bundle with 2 other KeynotePro Standard Edition themes - a $10 savings.


Pro Edition

PitchBoards '08 Pro Theme
Standard Definition and Widescreen (SD/HD) themes adding 1.85:1, 2.35:1 and IMAX cinematic ratio Masters, Supplemental slides containing Zoom and Aspect Ratio overlay objects, and "Getting Started" guide. 17.6MB Keynote '08 (4.x) or higher Required

32.1 MB Theme Download


Build a Bundle

Add this theme to a Bundle with 2 other KeynotePro Pro Edition themes - over $10 in savings.


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